Empowering people to form grassroots communities of faith and love. 


Followers of Jesus are discovering new ways to work together as agents of love and grace in this world. The marginalized are being loved. Neighbors are being cared for. Lives are being transformed.

We think Jesus is right in the middle of this shift, forming His church in new ways. And we'd love to help you discover it with us.

The challenge is often knowing how to get started. We get it. That's why we built an incubator designed specifically to help you put faith and love into action right in the middle of your everyday life. You have something beautiful that the world needs, and we're here to help you offer it.


We exist to help you love well.


Do you have a heart for the poor? Want to reach out to your neighbors? Trying to bring people together on your campus? We're here to help you make it happen.



Read about our vision.

We believe Jesus is inviting us into a new way of life that gives shape for how our hearts might find a voice in this culture today.


  • Our microchurch challenged one another to listen to the lost and hurting at our school. I didn’t even realize I was one of those lost people at the time. It’s been a bumpy process. We’re young. We've made mistakes being judgemental and overly anxious about the future, but we seek to extend to others what Christ has so graciously extended to us.
    — High School Microchurch, Orlando
  • At the start, Beer & Bible seemed like a bust. We had the same four people coming every week for the first six months. But we felt called to do it, so we stuck it out. Now, a couple years later, we have 40-50 people coming weekly at 3 different bars around town. You gotta just persevere.
    — Beer & Bible, Tampa Underground
  • Our microchurch offers support to moms (physical, spiritual and educational) pre and post birth. We’re really excited because we just got permission to offer our services to teen moms in the public school system. It’s not easy, especially with 6 kids of my own, and a lot of personal hardships my family has faced lately. But my community reminds me that I’m not alone, and even when I’m weak, God gives me enough strength for each day.
    — HELD Microchurch, Tampa Underground
  • I still remember sitting on the dock the first time we all got together. I had no idea what was coming. We meet every week to share food and read scripture. That’s been great, but what really impacted me was the way people would listen. That’s what got me to start asking questions about Jesus.
    — High School Microchurch, Orlando


Many followers of Jesus express a sense of being called to something bigger than themselves. And they sense that God gifted them - knit them together - to take part in that bigger calling. But there is often a gap between this sense of calling and gifting and what they experience every day. Calling Lab will help you narrow that gap. 

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