The Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven

What Drives Us


For some time now we've had a growing unrest. We've tried to engage in the common way of life offered to us in our culture. And we've tried to engage in the common way of life offered in the church. And it hasn't satisfied. It hasn't hit the mark. But, the unrest has forced us to clarify what the mark is. What are the things we're after? We want to share those with you to see if maybe you identify with them as well.

1 - We want to be part of something bigger than solely pursuing our own personal holiness. We want an identity that is more than the combination of what we do for a living, the sports teams we root for, or our political party. 

2 - We want to do something about the suffering and injustice in the world. We want to extend to others the love, grace, freedom, and forgiveness that God has extended to us. We just have this one life and we want it to matter for good.

3 - We want to know community – to walk through life - the good and the bad - with people. To join into meals, sickness, struggle, joy, milestones, and more. We know the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven is only experienced together.

We're longing for those things. And our hunch is, based on conversations we've had, that you are as well. And our current common way doesn't get there.

What drives us now is that we believe Jesus is inviting us into a new way of life that speaks, at least in some way, to each one of those longings. It's not a silver bullet, but this invitation gives shape for how our hearts might find a voice in this culture today.

There are groups of people arranging their lives around the gospel in such a way that their very existence is proclaiming the good news of God. There are groups of people becoming extended families whose identity and connection centers on who Jesus is and what He has done. And these groups of people are living out together what Jesus calls his followers to be and do in this world. It is making a difference. Lives are being transformed. The marginalized are being loved. People are being cared for.

God is doing something, inviting us into something. Our hope is to find other people discovering this same something.

This is what we're inviting you into. This is what we are building together. You have a part to play. God has given you a gift, offer it. God has given you experience, bring it. God has given you skills, use them. And let us help you if you're aren't sure where to start, or get stuck along the way.

Chad Turnbull
Executive Director